The Rise of ‘Phygital’ NFTs: How Brands are Blending Digital and Physical Ownership

The Rise of ‘Phygital’ NFTs: How Brands are Blending Digital and Physical Ownership


What is a ‘phygital‘?

I’m glad you asked.

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Phygital is a term that describes a blending of digital and physical collectibles that brands can use to offer exclusive access to virtual and physical experiences and products. This blog post will delve into how Phygitals work and how various brands use them to create a unique experience for their customers. Specifically, we will explore how these collectibles provide a unique way to feel connected to a brand.


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Phygital NFTs: Keyspace Studio Example:

The Infinité collection created by Vino Verse, a fictitious winery by the Keyspace Studio team, is a prime example of how ‘Phygital’ experiences can offer customers a unique and exclusive way to engage with a brand.

The Infinité collection allows customers to purchase a digital wine bottle (collectible image) that represents ownership of a physical bottle of wine stored at the Vino Verse winery and unlocks access to physical wine experiences virtual happy hours with the Vino Verse team.

Additionally, customers can access essential information such as the year of production, season, and country of origin through the digital wine bottle. The Infinité digital wine bottle also grants customers access to special offers and unique experiences only available to Infinité digital wine bottle holders. This concept is a game-changer for wine enthusiasts who want to explore and engage with their favorite wines more effectively.


Examples of Brands Using Phygital NFTs:

  1. Visa: Visa partnered with NBA star Stephen Curry to launch a collection of NFTs that offered exclusive access to a virtual event with Curry and limited edition physical items. The NFTs were sold on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for easy tracking and verification of ownership.
  2. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola auctioned off its first-ever NFT, which featured its iconic contour bottle and a sound clip of the Coca-Cola jingle. The winning bidder received a physical replica of the NFT and a VIP experience at a Coca-Cola event.
  3. Nike: Nike released a limited edition of its CryptoKicks shoes, linked to a unique NFT that provided exclusive access to digital and physical experiences, such as virtual shoe customization and physical sneaker drops.

These examples demonstrate how Fortune 500 brands use NFTs to create unique and engaging experiences for their customers, providing exclusive access to virtual and physical experiences and products. In addition, they can provide transparent and secure ownership tracking for these digital assets by leveraging blockchain technology.

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Benefits of Using Phygital NFTs:

Phygital NFTs offer a range of benefits for innovative marketers, brands and creators, by

  • Providing unique and valuable incentives to fans by offering them access to exclusive physical experiences and products and digital perks through digital tokens that represent physical ownership.
  • Creating a new revenue stream by leveraging the popularity of digital collectibles and the appeal of physical ownership to offer a hybrid product that appeals to both digital and physical audiences.
  • Allowing for easy tracking and verification of ownership through blockchain technology, which ensures transparency and security for both the buyer and the seller.
  • Offering the potential for increased value over time, as the combination of digital and physical ownership creates a unique and potentially lucrative product for collectors and investors.
  • Encouraging engagement and loyalty by offering additional incentives, such as access to VIP events, discounts on future purchases, or other exclusive perks, to those who own the digital tokens.

By blending physical and digital collectibles, brands can offer fans the best of both worlds and foster a sense of loyalty and engagement among their fan base.


Phygitals are revolutionizing collectibles, offering fans unique experiences and opportunities while blending digital and physical elements. For example, Vino Verse’s Infinité collection shows how brands use Phygital NFTs to provide exclusive access to virtual and physical wine experiences. Other brands like Nike and Gucci also use Phygital NFTs to offer unique experiences and opportunities to fans. Using Phygital NFTs, brands can foster a sense of loyalty and engagement among their fan base, create a new revenue stream, and gain valuable insights into fan behavior and preferences.